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There are less than a hundred books that I could recommend that help men enter the dating world and become attractive to women.◊♦◊Our society continuously frowns upon men who are not in touch with their feminine side.Yet, even men who got over that hurdle, the ones that are sensitive, great all-around guys, may need help when it comes to dating.There is an expectation of men, especially successful men, that when they achieve a certain standing and status in society, the least they should be able to do is attract a woman. What is it about performing heart surgery, running a corporation, and meeting a woman that we find similar? Believes that women should be flocking to him for the sole reason of his success.If someone is a great pianist, we don’t expect him to also be a great chef, do we? Of course he should be able to meet women, by virtue of his success. When they don’t, these men assume something is wrong with the women.

We drill that thinking into men’s heads so effectively, many of them are even afraid to be seen reading a book about dating, never mind discussing it with somebody.

We expect every man to graduate high school with a Ph D in courtship.

When they fail, we, as a society, shrug our shoulders and secretly wonder what’s wrong with them.

Another humiliation that men perceive is in the words “coach” and “coaching.”They both imply need for help.

Coaching suggests that you have not perfected a particular skill and need further training.

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It is assumed that all men know just what to do and how to do it instinctively—because they’re men!

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