David deangelo cut and paste online dating

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David deangelo cut and paste online dating

The challenge is that fundamentals go much deeper than the surface, so to really copy them takes months and even years.

What people see is a person writing a blog post or sending an email or releasing a product and then watching all the traffic and sales come through for them. If you go and do the same thing, if you haven’t laid the foundation for the result, it doesn’t matter how closely you copy the technique, you won’t replicate the outcome.

I was used to seeing bigger numbers by other people, so I wasn’t nearly as happy as I should have been, at least during that initial launch. The truth is that copying on the surface is easy, but copying the underlying principles is very, very hard.

I found gratitude eventually of course, especially as I went on to learn what it’s really like to have a product of your own on the market and see what that launch did for my business. The fundamentals can be copied again and again and will work again and again.

However, I’m aware of what I want my blog to be about, what kind of business I want behind it and what I personally want to spend my time on.

Some of this is determined by personal choice, some of it’s based on what has worked for me in the past and what hasn’t.

TV daily videos I talked about solving problems by learning how other people have solved the same problem before you.

You can study other people’s solutions and then copy them to solve your problem. Here’s the video – I’ve copied a lot of people and businesses in my online career.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be that baffled, since I did the same when I copied Darren all those years ago. It happened with Darren Rowse and his Problogger blog with people, like me, attempting to cover all the latest breaking news and everything to do with the same topic. Everyone started trying to make money online by writing about how to make money online.Get clarity on how you personally fit into the puzzle and then make a plan to implement techniques in the right order using your own style, once you know your strategy.I’m still influenced by many people, including the three bloggers I mentioned in this article.The fact is most people won’t get Pat’s results, or John’s or Darren’s by doing what they did.They are missing the timing, the follow through, the commitment, the style, the personality, the subject matter, the angles, the insights, the experiences, or any number of variables that made these people succeed.

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It was the same idea, expressed differently in a different time by a different person using a different medium.) What tends to happen is people attempt to copy these successful leaders, but alas fail to keep up the pace or the quality or they apply it to the wrong niche or just have bad timing.

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