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I’ve worked in the kitchens as well – I spent a few months as a busboy and dishwasher, and for a month or so I was even working at the prep station.” Now depending on the type of restaurant, two hundred people a night might not be all that much, but the employer at least knows your minimum capability.Without it, they’re going to be just guessing and chances are that they’ll err on the side of the caution and hire whoever they know the best.When we’re nervous, we can have a tendency to overexplain ourselves and bury the relevant information under a wave of redundancy and repetition.Less really is more, and with these opening seconds serving as the most important element of the interview, you really can’t afford to screw them up.While you should absolutely cover your basic job history and relevant skills in the first few seconds of your pitch, the majority of your answer should be tailored to talking about what more you’re bringing to the table.

The reason we’re so quick to respond to the question of “Tell me about yourself” with information about our personal lives is because that’s primarily what we use to define ourselves.It’s perhaps the single most commonly asked interview question, and certainly the most important.In spite of that, more than anything else, it’s the question that continues to trip us up.You’re going to need to communicate to the employer “This is everything I can do for you if you’ll give me half a chance.” The first half of your “all about me speech” should be the groundwork for what you’ve done, the second half should be everything you will do.What you’re going to be bringing to the table, how you’ll create repeat business, how you’ll land fresh clients, how you’ll improve safety on the job, how you’ll improve time or cut costs. My selling point for my job wasn’t my job experience – mostly because I didn’t have any.

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It’s a promise that’s being sold here – a picture of what could be if you’d only buy ______.

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